Huge List For Video Submission & Video Sharing

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Huge List For Video Submission & Video Sharing

Video Submission is one of the most effective ways to improve your website ranking and Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

Tips on How to Get More YouTube Views

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How to Get More YouTube Views

Do you know how to How to Get More YouTube Views?

Knowing how to get more YouTube views can be vital to getting your video to go viral. There are lots of little tricks and tips to getting more views. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the world. Many people would rather see video than search engine results from Google. Here are some tips to help you achieve more views for your videos.

Here are TIPS on How to Get More YouTube Views

How to Get More YouTube Views
1. Use a keyword rich title before you upload the video. It’s essential to name the video appropriately before it gets uploaded so that you give it the best possible chance of being found. If your video is about how to build a bridge don’t name it “Bridges are fun,” instead name it “how to build a bridge.” Seems obvious but you’d be surprised.

2. Make sure you have the correct tags. Inside the video you are allowed to add tags at the bottom that represent what your video is about. It’s important to have the title keywords in the tags and that they all correspond to what they are watching and searching for. The tags are the like the “keywords” in Google on webpages. They help the search engines define what exactly the site or video is about. Try and add other tags that people might be searching for as well. Popular keywords that will get your video noticed, even if they don’t necessarily identify with what your video is about.

3. Use the description to not only discuss what the video is about, but feel free to stuff in more keywords that relate to the video. The description box is basically like another tag form. Fill it up with as much content as it’ll let you and take full advantage of this space. If you are looking for How to Get More YouTube Views the this can help tremendously with people finding your video.

More Tips on How to Get More YouTube Views

4. Share the video across every social media platform you can. The main you should use are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg. These platforms will organically spread your video if it is interesting, funny or creative in any way.

5. Let people do video responses. Instead of people leaving comments you can allow them to leave responses in the form of video. Make sure to allow comments too so that people can interact with each other. Nothing is more annoying that videos with closed commenting. That’s what YouTube is all about, giving the haters a voice.
How to Get More Twitter Followers
6. Embed the video on websites. Find places to put the video either on sites or forums. Get it on as many as you can and spread the word. Embedding it allows people to see it that otherwise wouldn’t have found it on YouTube.

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Topic: Tips on How to Get More YouTube Views
How to Get More YouTube Views

YouTube Special Promo PACK on until Halloween

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YouTube is the biggest video website on the internet. If you want maximum exposure for your videos this is definitely the website to use. Many people try to market products on YouTube but fail miserably. The key to making money with video marketing is not to over complicate your videos, and to use them to drive targeted traffic to your site, blog, or products. Create interesting and informative videos that can effectively drive your products or services to the consumers that need them.

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