Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips – Step By Step

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There are so many websites all over the internet so it’s essential to promote and optimize your website. A new website needs to be visible to search engines. Before submitting your site to search engines it is very important to optimize your website. If you can not afford a search engine optimization service, make sure to follow our few search engine optimization tips to have your web site well optimized for the top placement in search engines.

Step 1. – Analyze your competition
The best way to start optimizing your web site is analyze your competition. Take a look at the web pages that currently have top rankings (Top 10) on Google for targeted keywords and try to find out what these pages have done to get these rankings.
– analyze the first top ten web sites related to your branch
– analyze keywords they are using
– look at their source code, meta tags
– look at their keyword density
– look at their comment tag, alt tags, title tag
– internal and external links on their websites
– look how many sites linking to them
– check out the quality and link popularity of sites that are linking to your competitors
– look how many pages they have
After all you can tell is it easy to beat your competition or it is not.

Step 2. – Start to improve your website with quality content
When optimizing your website always use keyword in the meta tags which are reflected in your page. It is not going to help your search engine ranking if the page has nothing to do with the topic.

Step 3. Choose the right keywords.
As mentioned before, analyze your competition but never use the same keyword and description tag. There are two great resources for finding out the most effective keywords. – Overture – WordTracker

Step 4.Creating meta tags – TITLE Tag
The most important tag is the Title tag, because it is in the head section of your website and many search engines use it. Title tag should be short (about 14 words), descriptive and to the point. The title is appeared on first line in the search engines.

Step 5. Creating meta tags – DESCRIPTION Tag The next important meta tag is description tag. It describes content of your web page
– shouldn’t be longer than 120 characters
– description is for the search engines not for the viewers to see

Step 6. Creating meta tags – KEYWORD Tag
– use the most important keywords that your website represents
– we recommend to use 5 keywords separated by a commas
– one keyword should have 1 – 3 words

Step 7.Creating meta tags – ROBOT Tags

Step 8. – Check your website URL before submit to search engines.
Your website should be finished without errors:
– no broken links
– no spelling mistakes
– have a good design
– no html tag mistakes
– have a site map

Step 9. – Submit your website to search engines
Submit your website into the most important search engines, it brings you the most of traffic. Make sure to submit your URL for free to,,,,,,,,,, Open Directory (The ODP powers core directory services for some the most popular portals and search engines on the Web, including AOL Search, Netscape Search, Google directory, Yahoo directory, Lycos, DirectHit, and HotBot, MSN and hundreds of others). DMOZ and Yahoo Directory listings are tremendously valuable. There are a lot more free and paid search engines and directories to submit, but if you do not have time to search for and submit, you can also use our search engine submission service.

Step 10. – Build your link popularity (offpage optimization)
Next significant step you should do with your website is build your link popularity. Link Popularity is the number and quality of other websites that link to your site. Top rankings depend on your link popularity. It can be done with creating a quality non-reciprocal and reciprocal links from related web sites and Internet directories, blogs, forum sites …

Feed Your Users With Quality Content

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In order to create quality content for your visitors the general principles that you must follow are:

– it has to be relevant to the main topic of the site (about product/products/services,etc)
– the content can fit in the general industry of the website (about related products/services)
– it has to provide value to the visitors (potential customers)

If you do create a website with quality content you will benefit from:

– increased customer-to-client conversions (because they understand why but also how to use your product/service)
– increased search engine traffic ( because more pages with content mean more visibility, along with the long tail of search)
– more natural, quality and relevant links ( because they will be pointing from established sites in the same industry as yours, from within the context and with the relevant keywords)

If you are wondering where to get quality content, it is quite simple and hard at the same time because the best way to obtain quality content is to write it yourself thus the chances of having a duplicate content will be null. If you don’t have any writing experience, you should start writing because you and only you knows what your product is about, you know how to promote it the best. We offer you a small list of how to do it:

– start writing (any amount of text, on a regular basis)
– you must focus on the benefits of your product
– format the text for the WWW
– provide value and numerous points of view on your product
– keyword research is imperative
– write natural titles and content

By writing quality content for your site you will get more targeted traffic and will most likely help you to increase conversions. These are the reasons:
Getting more traffic onto your website:

– people will link to valuable content, which will increase your website search engine rankings
– valuable content will also generate word-of-mouth advertising (the most appreciated type of advertising available)
– by adding quality (unique) content, you make your site findable by a much wider array of words (search queries)

Increasing conversions:

– by getting more and more traffic the amount of potential customers will increase (at least theoretically), thus increasing conversions

– while reading your unique & valuable material, the visitors of your website will have not only more time but also ideas of purchasing your product/service

– when providing value to your visitors (potential customers), they will be more likely to remember you when they are in need of the product/service you provide

Don’t know what to write about? Although there are many ways of writing content that appeal to the visitors, there is only one important principle: the content written is targeted to provide value. We offer you a small list of types of content that you might use on your website:

– about how your product or the service you provide is important (on a regular basis or once in a while,etc.)
– about the different types of the product or service you provide
– advantages of using the product, benefiting from the service you have to offer
– basic information regarding the product and basic usage information

In order to attract more and more visitors, quality content shouldn’t be text only as many people will get bored reading page after page. In order to provide value you must insert one of the following:

– audio information in mp3 format or similar
– quality images (high resolution)
– videos (tutorials as well as interesting and catching ads)
– reviews, testimonials and comments regarding your product

All things considered, by providing quality content you will attract more and more visitors thus increasing your chances for more sales because these visitors are potential clients. It is a known fact that a stolen content won’t be taken into consideration by search engines which will most likely ignore your website).