17 Very Surprising Social Media Facts

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Social Media will keep on surprising us as they keep on taking a larger part in our lives and our work. And often, statistics go against anything we believed. And this is the reason why we love this infographic by Neoteric UK about “17 Social Media Facts that will make your hair stand on end!”

How Your Brain ‘Sees’ a Logo

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From Kate Taylor’s Article, “The Incredible Way Your Brain ‘Sees’ a Logo (Infographic)”

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Website Traffic Through SEO vs PPC

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If you want to get traffic to your website, you can rely on natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or buy Website Traffic through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) networks like Google Adwords, but which is better? what are the pros and cons? The below infographic allows us to compare, side by side…

Website Traffic Through SEO vs PPC

How Teens Spend Time Online

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Teens are extensive users of online social media like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Vimeo and Snapchat etc. They know more social media websites and applications than any parent can ever. As no website is free from pornography completely, parents must watch over kids and teenagers so that they don’t end up in situations where they wish they hadn’t seen some things online. The best is to monitor their online activities silently so that they don’t have to be bothered and yet they have parents looking after them.

how teens spend time online infographic

10 Crucial Strategies for Building an Online Presence

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This infographic shows 10 crucial strategies when you put your business online and how to best build and utilize your online presence to promote your company’s products and services. Take a look!

Small Business Strategy 2014 Infographic

8 Things Successful People Do And Why [Infographic]

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Goal setting is one of the best ways to think outside of the box and a sure way to get your motivation up. Although the fear of not completing a goal, not being good enough, or the fear of struggle will deter many from being the person they want to become. This is where success comes in.

To be successful, you have to be tenacious. You have to be driven by a purpose. You have to be fearless. Failure is a part of life, but it makes the winning so much sweeter. A true success will see that losing is really just learning what doesn’t work and how to succeed.

Successful people will work and work and work. Not everything comes easy and many times time and energy, maybe even blood and sweat are necessary to hit that milestone.

What I love about success is that it can be applied at any level. You can aim for that promotion. You can drop 20 pounds. You can choose not to get mad in traffic. Aim high and work backwards from there. This infographic has some really great tips for you that can be applied to almost anything in your life. Maybe you can even help another person in their success. But remember…

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. When speaking about successful people, many minds go straight to people like the CEO, or the major leaguer, or the published writer. When in reality, You too exemplify successful characteristics, now you just need to capitalize and continue to utilize them. Stay Motivated and Good Luck!

Social Media Revolution is Revitalizing Modern Business

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The social media industry has revolutionized the online worlds, including the traditional methods to online marketing. Companies and businesses need to develop strategies of their own or they risk behind left in the dust by competitors. Adeo published this infographic to show you why modern business needs social media to help revitalize their online business and rise to the top.

social media infographics

How to Promote Online: A Guide To Online Event Promotion

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There are numerous routes to take when it comes to promoting an event online and as a marketing profession, your going to want to choose the most effect and cost efficient option. How do you choose the best path for online event promotion? Rasmussen College published this infographic to answer that questions and outline your options as well as the individual benefits of each. Always remember GETPOPULARFAST can help you, Follow our BLOG, share our links, and enjoy! 🙂


The Underlying Benefits Of Long Tail SEO

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Long tail SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is far less known than traditional SEO and it is extremely effective for building your organic traffic. The research HitTail agrees with proves that long tail keywords tend to be a little easier to capture and rank in search engines. They also bring in more traffic, higher visitor conversions, and more customers for your business.

social media infographics

Interesting Twitter Infographic

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Visually has made this wonderfully Interesting Twitter Infographic which we here at GETPOPULARFAST wanted to share with our thousands of monthly visitors to both our website and to our blog. This Infographic tracks Twitter’s progress through their first 5 years, and shares some rather cool tid-bits that you may find rather compelling, We Hope that you enjoy… Take a look below!

Interesting Twitter Infographic

Facts not on the Interesting Twitter Infographic

1. There are 100 million active Twitter users.
2. 50 percent of these 100 million users log in every day.
3. 40 percent of Twitter users don’t actually tweet; instead, they read news, click links, and follow accounts.
4. 15 percent of adults on the Internet used Twitter in February 2012.
5. Twitter has 500 million registered profiles; 100 million are from the U.S.

More Interesting Twitter Infographic

6. The top three countries that use Twitter are the United States, Brazil, and Japan.
7. 11 Twitter accounts are created every second.
8. On a busy day, Twitter sees about 175 million tweets.
9. If Twitter were a country, it would be the 12th largest in the world.
10. 30 percent of Twitter users have an income greater than $100,000.
11. There are more searches on Twitter each month than Yahoo and Bing—combined (24 billion vs. 4.1 billion and 9.4 billion, respectively).

Even More Interesting Twitter Infographic

12. The original Twitter was launched on CEO Evan William’s birthday.
13. The busiest Twitter moment in history was the “Castle in the Sky” TV screening with more than 25,088 tweets per second.
14. 92 percent of Twitter users say they would retweet “interesting” content.
15. 64 percent of users access Twitter through; 16 percent access it through a mobile app, and 10 percent through a Twitter client such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck.
16. 69 percent of Twitter users decide whom to follow via suggestions by friends; 47 percent by searching online; 44 percent by Twitter’s suggested followers; and 31 percent by promotion.

Interesting Twitter Infographic